March 25-April 1: 36,084 QSOS
August 6-August 13: 28,491 QSOS

We are honored to be able to bring you W1AW/1 from Vermont. We are a small but dedicated crew located all across Vermont. On this page, we hope to give you some hints on how to work us quickly and efficiently, and also provide some information as to who we are. Our stations are quite small - antennas range from dipoles to tribanders, but we will make up the db with operating prowess and sheer will. Our operators run the gamut of seasoned contesters to inexperienced ops. We ask that you remain courteous to all ops, regardless of their speed.

To help you find W1AW/1 Vermont, check out our operating schedule at

This schedule will change as we are going along, so do check back often and plan your operating times to match the bands and modes we will be on.

We request that everyone conduct themselves in a respectful manner. No whining or complaining, please! We will do our best to get you in the log as soon as humanly possible. If you don't get through at a particular time, try again at another time.

When giving your call sign, give your entire call sign phonetically ONCE on CW or TWICE on Phone. Don't keep calling - this will just slow the process down. Don't say, "mobile" or "QRP" or give you location in the pileup. That doesn't help us! Just your call sign.

Do not call out of turn. If we go back to KA6XXX, don't respond if you are W2ZZZ. Again, this will just slow down the process.

There will be times we will work split. Make sure you call on the correct frequency.

If the pileup gets ugly, our operators have been instructed to take a break and go elsewhere. We feel confident that this will not occur.

Please don't make requests via the DX Clusters. That's not proper use and most of us do not log in. You can request operations via E-mail on certain bands and times and we will try to fill those the next day. Sorry, be we cannot respond to individual requests for skeds and we cannot check the log to see if you are in it. Please realize that many of the bands are very bad for us right now. The high bands, 10 and 12 meters are dead, 15 meters is barely workable to anywhere and 80 and 160 meters are loaded with high noise all night.

August Special Events

  • Saturday 1400-2000: Operation from St. Albans Hamfest and RANV Picnic on St. Albans Bay!
  • Saturday 1400-2000: VHF from Mt. Equinox - Work W1AW/1 from anywhere in the NE!
  • Sat 2300-Sunday 0300: Operation in the the 6 Meter Sprint!

Email for W1AW/1 Vermont concerns: w1sj@arrl.net.

We had a ball doing this!

Where are the W1AW Stations?


Breakdown by bands / modes / operators (Excel required):
March: www.hamclass.net/w1aw/w1aw1.xls
August: www.hamclass.net/w1aw/w1aw2.xls


not shown: John AA1I, Mike N1JEZ

Paul AA1SU Essex, VT Darrell K1KU Putney, VT Joe K1VMT Jeffersonville, VT Zach K1ZK Charlotte, VT
Jim N1BCL Vergennes, VT George N1GB Guildhall, VT Bob W1FP Colchester, VT Bob W4YFJ Essex, VT

W1SJ Multiop Crew, Essex, VT (not shown: Harrison VE2HKW, Marc VE2EVN, Laura K2LAD, Mike N1FBZ)
Mitch W1SJ Bob KB1WXM Charles N1CAI Bob KB1FRW

K2LE Multiop Crew, Readsboro, VT (not shown: George N2GA, Mark K1RX):
Andy K2LE Gerry W1VE Dennis W1UE Joe K2VUI

KK1W Multiop Crew, Whitingham, VT:(not shown: Brandon KC1AHC, Jm WD1S, Al N1AW)
Jim KK1W Dave AA1YW John KX1X Frandy N1FJ

Last Updated 8/20/14