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Hamclass is ON LINE and OPEN for business!


Have you always wanted to get your HAM RADIO license but didn’t have the time to attend class?


HamClass is your answer!


Here is where the Ham Radio Class is held on your own computer.


HamClass is a computer-based class AND ALSO a Live Video class. You can see visual presentations, audio explanations from the teacher, take tests and get feedback and, of course, ask questions! It’s the closest thing to a real course you have ever experienced on-line, without leaving your home!


Course options:

1. Basic Course: The interactive On Line class ($59)

2. Full Course: The interactive On Line class paired with the regularly scheduled Live Video Class ($119)

3. Premium Course: Interactive On Line class and Live Video Class presented when you want it. For 1-4 students. ($399)


What’s the difference?

The On Line Class displays slides with narration from the instructor. The student can repeat the slide, go back or go forward at any time. After several slides, practice questions pop up. When an incorrect response is chosen, the answer is explained and a link back to the particular lesson is displayed. Finally, there are three quizzes which the student submits and the instructor grades. The On Line Class is available 24/7 and can be done at any time to any schedule.

The Live Video Class is a live class through the Zoom Video system. You get to see the instructor and any slides or diagrams on your computer screens. Classes are scheduled every few months, usually on weekends, and last 5 hours. Students will have to attend the class per the listed schedule. In the class, the instructor teaches the material and students have the opportunity to ask questions or ask for clarification in real time just like a live class.

Which Class should I Take?

For best results, I suggest first doing the On Line Class to learn and memorize the material. Then take the Live Video Class so that you get a better understanding of what all the myriad details mean. As a different option, you could take the Live Video Class first and then do the On Line Class, or take the Live Video Class, then the On Line class and a second helping of the Live Video Class. Or else, you can just take the On Line Class by itself. I do not recommend just taking the Live Video Class alone. You will need to do “homework” either by taking the On Line Class, or using a study manual.

Which Ham Radio Licenses Are Supported?

Right now, there are courses for both the Technician and General Class licenses. You must pass the Technician Class Exam before taking the General Class Exam.

When are the Live Video Classes Offered?

The On-Line Course is available whenever you want - 24 hours a day. The Live Video Class is usually offered every few months. You can request the Live Video class for you or your small group at ANY TIME. Contact the instructor to set up a time which will work for you.

Here is the schedule for the next few months. Keep checking as the schedule does change based on demand.


Technician: Sat, Feb 12, 10AM-3PM EST    

How is this course different than other on-line courses?

Other "on-line" courses are nothing more than random quizzes given to students. The end result is that the student memorizes the tests, but doesn't learn much about amateur radio.
HamClass is a REAL course. You will learn all the topics covered in the Technician or General syllabus and then some. And you work with the teacher by submitting homework and quizzes. With the Live Video Class, you have the ability to interact with the instructor in real time. The On Line Ham Radio Course is a lot more than just memorizing test questions!

Just who is the instructor?

Mitch Stern W1SJ wrote the On-Line Amateur Radio Course and he is your instructor. He also teaches the Weekend Amateur Radio Course held in various spots in the Northeast. Mitch has been teaching ham radio for 40 years and has helped over 1000 students get their license or upgrade their license. When not teaching ham radio, Mitch teaches electronics, physics, mathematics and computer techniques to high school, college and adult students.

Will my computer and internet connection work?

HamClass requires a multimedia computer which can play sound files. Most current computers and operating systems, Windows or Mac, should work. Phones will work for the lessons, but the screens are too small for the interactive Question and Answer sections. Browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari will work. A reliable E-mail address is essential to communicate with the instructor.

How will you know if your computer will work properly? Try our sample class lesson. You should see an information screen and hear the teacher speaking. Make sure your speakers are connected and on! If you have problems with the demos, contact me.

Explain the Enrollment Process

Decide which class you would like to take – the On Line Class or the Live Video Class or the package containing both. You can enroll directly on-line, via E-mail or by phone. You will have to obtain a course book. The enrollment page has all the details. Upon enrollment, you will be given a user name and password to access the course. As soon as you log in, you are ready to take the course.

How long will the course take?

The amount of time will vary widely. For the "average" student, figure on 12 hours total for the Technician course, 24 hours total for the General Course. Some students will take less time, some more. For best results, students should work on the class at least 30 minutes each day. The Live Video Class will run 5 hours on the scheduled day.

It seems too easy. Does this course really work?

You bet it does! You watch the slides and listen to the lessons as much as you need to learn the concepts. You practice the actual questions in the course book. Your instructor is right there to help you on the tough stuff. Eventually, you should not only be able to pass the exam, but actually score well into the 90's. BUT YOU MUST ATTEND CLASS, DO THE LESSONS AND DO YOUR HOMEWORK! It's just like school.

Do I have to learn the Morse Code?

No. The FCC eliminated all Morse Code testing in 2007.

How do I take my amateur radio test? Can I take it on line?

Ham Radio Exams are now available on-line! Hamclass students will be given the option to take the exam on-line. Students also have the option to chose live exam sessions.

What does all this cost?

Right now, through the end of this year, the On Line Class and Live Video Class Course Package is on sale for $99 for either the Technician Class License or General Class license. The On Line Course by itself is $59. The Live Video Course by itself is $69. Remember, you are not just buying software - you are enrolling in a structured course with a dedicated teacher who wants to see you succeed!

I got lotsa questions - How do I contact you?

The best way is to contact me via E-mail at
Or you can try calling me at 802-879-6589, weekdays Noon - 9PM Eastern Time.
So, ready to take the course? You won't get your ham radio license or upgrade by just staring at this screen! Enroll now! Get that license or upgrade and join the fun of amateur radio. You can do it!!!

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Class Demo

The On-Line Amateur Radio Course